What can we say we really owe anyone anyway? What are we around for when make excuses to why we forgot. “What you give is just what you get- I know it hasn’t hit you yet. I don’t mean to get you upset. But every cause has an affect.” (Lauryn Hill). Some of the things that go round in our minds we the silence is loud we wonder what they’re doing there to begin with. If you let it be, it may just be. I want my breath to be taken away.

Need I say more? “Common baby light my fire- everything you drop is so tired”.

He is my Music-
He’s supposed to inspire.

Every artist has its muse, in most cases the artist needs proof- real heart throbs. The last time this artist felt an absolute heart throb was so long ago that I’m finding enjoyment to an anti-social life. (memories just came crashing) Uh Oh.