Its a wonderland of emotions. He is my King, and humbled just the right amount- he stands tall and protects me. The look in his eyes is powerful and his smile is kind, he knows exactly how to make me laugh. There’s missions I had set before him, none of which were premeditated. He is persistent. Eyes on the prize and all of a sudden he looked away.

Drenched in darkness, forgotten how to be, my light. My king, where could he be? And so I had taken on a journey, and I said I’d never care too much. Time was spent, and I remember when my king was once a prince- saved me I suppose from my lost hope. He became my light, my Prince who guided me through a better path; of joys, and laughter- he diminished the spite.

There to wipe my eyes with all his funny ways to simply say, “hi”. He never let’s me give up, so he tells me when I’m wrong. So when he is right, I let him shine and own the light. He is the bestest friend, I have ever had. Our chemistry is brilliant; sentences finish before they are spoken. The hugs are held on, and the time is spent. Good as a team, but somewhat in between.

And I wait… And I remember-

“He is my King, but I am not his Queen.”