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Lose your mind.

There are moments that simply find me on its own; where searching, hoping, and wishing have no factors in the process of me receiving long over due inspiration. Tonight, right as I watched the clock strike midnight I realized I found exactly what I was looking for. My mind has been stimulated, and tonight I’m going to expose the pondering that has devoured my minds perception of current events that have taken place since my website had first launched. Stay tuned.


put a sock in it

I’m all messed up. I’m broken pieces and you took the missing ones with you. You ran me over- pulled me into someone I need to let go. I need you to fade away. I finally realized I’m craving something that just isn’t right for me if I need altercations. Go on. Be gone. Turn your back on these developments because I’ve opened my eyes and I’m realizing we’re going nowhere. I can’t make something right- it is just what it is. I’ll fall to pieces tonight- tomorrow I’ll play pretend and fade away.

cant you feel it?

I opened up my eyes- and I finally realized- today, its too late- you’re fading away- things just aint the same and I’m ready for changed.

Go on- be gone- tata- so long.

If we come a long way than I expect sideways, no closer to our destination.

Brilliant Design.


He’s unpredictable, and it’s unacceptable.

My fast paced mind is quick to question plans made, and suspicious behavior. Call me when it’sĀ convenient, I look skin deep and read eyes, I know when the world is watching and when they’re minding their own. Poker face, I see it all, and when I live my life doing what I want, go figure that the audience is tuned in. Suspicious, I am quite alert of out of the norm behavior. If you think you’re clever you’ll use the right words when talking to me.

For you Mr. Know It All, Think It All, Wanna Be it All.

Some people really disgust me. I can smell the bullshit rotting in some people’s teeth from a mile away, and it’s such a shame that anyone can resort to so much bullshit and be recognized just as that, a “bullshitter”. Cut the crap, we all know you’re full of it, and it makes us all entirely sick. Pretend as you do with your common associates they can smell you bleeding bullshit, and all that find you remotely attractive are just as shitty as you are. So welcome to the blunt world of Rae’D, you are powerless, and useless. Ta-ta, buh-bye, friend, everything you say goes through one ear out the other. I may be humble, but I am indeed far from the stupidity threshold you sit on today.

He’s not easy to Love.

I don’t know if he sees it, understands it, or realizes it- but everything, every thing has to go in circles first- and I just want to take my heart from him, he just won’t let me. He’s not easy to Love. I’m about to fade away. I opened up my eyes, and I realized we’re running late, and it’s time to give it all away.



check lost and found

he goes up and down, circles around

Up and down, up and down. Here we go round and round- sometimes he’s hot sometimes he’s cold- which way to go- he doesn’t know.

Placed me in his list of selections,
Kisses at his own discretion-
A lot of fights, a lot of rights
Chemistry can be planted,
We just happened to happen.
Intimacy isn’t associated with titles,
I’m fragile and a women with needs-
So I’m going to play it soft,
Keep my options open and we’ll talk.
Friends are friends –
Delude the “now or never”
I’m going to find what I’m looking for-
He’s just a factor,
Of a happily ever after,
Or a disaster inhabited to failure
Brought to you by my hearts desires.