So today, I walked into the office feeling somewhat like a Zombie. Emotionless, unable to be phased by common comments that fly around the office. “Take one in the morning, and one before bed”, apparently that would make the bad thoughts go away, but what about the thoughts I need to function properly and accordingly with the rest of the my social circle?

I resorted to a caffeine binge- somethings got to stimulate my mind to help avoid the awkward vibes that I’ve been giving off… Thing is the caffeine is now causing me to be quick tongued; The kinds of things that have been falling out of my mouth may be alarming to some, but entertaining to most- temporary solution to Zombie Mode.

Something has got to give, I don’t feel comfortable falling in line with medications to clear a busy mind. I need to allocate my senses, and organize my priorities. There’s no reason why I should be in this slump of unwanted emotions. I’ve got all I need to live, laugh, and enjoy life like any other person. I’ll figure it out- I have too.