This morning I dragged myself out of bed right at 9:40 am, I probably wouldn’t have gotten out of bed if it weren’t for the Health Department ringing my door bell for probably nearly an hour and my alarm clock violently going off for over an hour. Truth is, most days have been like this for me, but by the time I hopped into the shower I told myself, “not today”. I decided I was not going to reach into my personal medicine cabinet this morning.

The drive to work alone was exhausting, and the first thing I did as I sat at my desk unprepared for another day of repetitive work was decide I do not need to rule out caffeine, but I will limit myself.

I’m trying to adjust myself to normal sleeping habits to ensure that my days, especially nights are well spent and productive.

Frankly the thought of my bed and living within my dreams have been more enjoyable than my reality recently which to me is absolutely absurd. I have no reason to resent my reality, if anything there are more reasons which should have me relishing to be apart of it.

I’m taking on different measures to ensure that the emotions that have come over me recently do not affect the way I feel within my reality, thus proving how much I truly enjoy being apart of this beautiful world. I will not allow the crave for attention, the wanting of companionship to influence my new life that started almost about a year ago. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

Enjoy the evening beautiful world and live like you mean it.