Love- its real. Our bitter hearts sometimes manipulate us to consider a catch is always involved. Nothing good ever comes easy, and when we find ourselves back tracking down memory lane we begin to build a wall against what’s right in front of us. Love doesn’t need to be physical, nor do titles have any involvement. Love does not need to be reminded with kisses, or holding hands.

You know its love when you get that call, and just the sound of their voice turns your entire day around. When you can talk forever in a crowded room, everyone around you goes dim and that’s the only person you see- if its not Love, what could it possibly be? Its Love when we are afraid, and when I’m afraid just him wrapping his arms around be makes me feel that much more secure.

I’ve given my heart away, entirely. There are no certainties attached that say I will be Loved exactly the same, but every time he comes my way, with all the little things he does; phone calls to ask if I’m awake, text messages just to say hello- I certainly know in my heart of hearts that I am absolutely in Love.

Star crossed Lovers exist- and it doesn’t need to be unfortunate, don’t ever give up hope.