Day and night- night and day all night-

Ah, so far my vacation here in Philippines has been night after night of laughter, drinking with my cousins, singing, dancing, amazing food- and heart throbs. In 3 days I leave my sister and my old annual playing grounds as kids for an entirely new experience. I’m so happy we’re sharing this adventure together.

When my sister and I were growing up we used to visit Olongapo, Philippines at least once a year, this is our first time returning in 10 years, (9 for me actually)- so much growing up had to be done. Its amazing how everything appears so much smaller compared to how we remember it. The best part about returning to PI has to be the fact that my sister and I are more interested in shopping like queens, a rare experience we get to embrace back home where everything is ridiculously over priced. What? We’re women on vacation, with money saved from all the hard work we put forth back in the states just to live comfortably.

I suppose a vacation was in order to remind us when we return home we’ll only work even harder to enjoy another trip like this, with added ideas to create an even more exciting trip.

Well, its only day 3, stay tuned! 🙂