Vacation, ah, tonight is our last night to run in the sand, and enjoy the mix of cultures whom have traveled near and far to enjoy the paradise of Boracay, Philippines, one of the top 5 beach resorts in the world.

Today we had embarked on an adventure through caves, where we had to take a 30 minute boat ride to experience. The views, the people, everything about the experience was absolute. I came upon a wishing well- now, I don’t make wishes that benefit myself, that’s not how I believe wishes work… Spent the boat ride home contemplating my position in a world that’s not my own. I asked myself what my world could offer another individual, and what another persons world could offer me, would our worlds be able to collide and become one?

This entire trip my nephew has repeatedly asked me why it is I don’t have a family of my own… Hmm. I don’t know why, the stars haven’t had that in line for me at this moment, and I can’t say when my time will be right. I’m new to a lot of things, I grew up quite sheltered, and was definitely the late bloomer of the group. I become attached to people, and when they hurt- I hurt, when they’re smiling I feel a world of joy within me. I think although I have not pro created a family of my own that the people I have surrounded myself with is, in fact, my family. I’m not a lonely person in a great big world.

I have a lot I’m coming home to, a brilliant loving Dog, who by the way is going to be 2 years old April 3rd- a group of loving, caring, funny friends, and a home with a warm bed. I am very fortunate. I needed a vacation to remember how fortunate I truly am. I miss everyone so much, and I can’t wait to see the smiles I am used to and return to my normal repetitive work life. Ah, I will miss Paradise in Boracay, but I have my own world of Paradise to return too, and I’m lucky to say I have that much.