Oh no…

I’m suddenly depressed; someone posted something on fb that said, “Just remember what it was like when you first kissed”. Frankly I cannot remember the last time I kissed. I’ve always been really weird about whom I kiss, for some reason growing up kisses and holding hands always seemed so much more sentimental to me. I almost feel like kissing shouldn’t just happen because you’re drunk, or spun a bottle. When people unite as one, they would seal it with a kiss in most ceremonies, and with that kiss the world stops and watch in awe. I was once in a relationship where I was never kissed, or held hands. These are two important types of affection that I’m learning in my adult life that I absolutely need, but will never request. I suppose those kinds of things should come naturally.

So the depressing part is, I miss that feeling and I sort of wish I wasn’t sitting here missing that feeling.


“we should never crave affection or attention” when we do- we should know, we are in the wrong place.