I try my best sometimes, and with little success I’m still thrilled. Sometimes I get these urges where I care so much I want to plan accordingly, I’ll save the details for last- but I like to prepare. I get myself a little worked up sometimes, and my feelings get hurt when it’s not the best idea, but even more so I almost feel heart broken when it’s ALWAYS the terrible idea. I suck at talking about what hurts my feelings, all I know is every now and then optimism goes a long way. And I suppose my favorite kind of people to share ideas are the optimistic kind of people because those people motivate me.

And you know what,

People motivate me, I’m not ashamed to admit that. Individuals inspire me, their personalities, the way they dress, how they speak. What people can do with their words, it’s so powerful and yet we rarely take caution. We don’t stop ourselves and remember that a conversation starts with positive energy, the will of wanting to speak to another person- that’s great energy. I just can’t stand when someone spits in my tea before I get to enjoy it.

Maybe I’m just hormonal, maybe I just have terrible ideas, maybe I just suck sometimes.