Tonight I have departed yet from another part of my soul. My art, I love the happiness it (sometimes) shares, but parting from it is such sweet sorrow.

Excuse me for being a bit dramatic, but I paint with thrilling excitement, and joy. I am in the most content state of mind when I am in my zone.

Some paintings I put my whole soul into, and cannot let go, funny most of which were sexually stimulated, not to say I paint glorious paintings immediately after being intimate, but sexually in general. I suppose it goes to show you that the joy, thrill, and excitement between two individuals is poetic justice for my work. My creativity is stimulated by sex, romance, and love. Its gotta beat, my hearts gotta throb in order to breathe life into a canvas.

When you’re confidence is at its best your work transpires time, contentment, patience, and loving care. All energies compell the inhabitor of the piece to connect. And when the connection is made- Ah, satisfaction.

Thanks for stopping by.
❤ rae'd