What a boring life. Waking up everyday in the morning, only to come home tired after work and nothing to do afterwards for the rest of the night. While thinking of what to do, I just end up doing useless things in front of my computer, and before I know it, the clock already shows half-past-twelve. Maybe I’m lucky enough to have composed a few paintings before bedtime, but for the most part I never feel fulfilled. I’m always bored, and I’ve recently learned that routine can cause dementia. One of my biggest fears is to lose any of my memories. I probably spend a lot of time alone constantly thinking about my childhood, my adult life, and the fruits of the future, (if in fact there is any to look forward too).

I get so restless, I long for some sort of contentment in some areas of my life. So I think, I “think” till I’m tired of my thoughts and finally pass out. What’s going to happen in the next two years? I’ll be 28 years old, ideal for starting a family, and moving forward with new fresh experiences. However, in the next two years, I may be lacking pieces to my picture perfect puzzle I call life. So, what will happen in the next two years? I guess ultimately that is up to me.


If yesterday was terrible, and today is worse, I can only look forward to making tomorrow better. That’s it- That’s all.