UGH! Sometimes I just get so angry!!! Like I gotta scream really bad but I can’t because the stupid, old, bitter lady down stairs will start banging her shit on the ceiling. AHHhhhhh!!! I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. I just sometimes think I’m always fucking up. Like, no matter what- I’m causing negative feelings, I create an awkward atmosphere. Poo-wee on that! I need to be handled with care, I’m a ticking time bomb, you gotta be quick. Clever, choose your words wisely I will disect for days, I will dig every possible suggestion in every possible scenario, some say its a blessing, I think its a curse. I think- constantly. I can’t hold myself back- I’m up front and personal, and I just wish someone would get that. I don’t want to change, I can compromise, but give me a effing break already. Gollllly! UGH!