She does the same thing every day. Its routine, she can work every day, and drive a car because she’s on auto-pilot. But to say will she be able to learn new routines outside of her 5 year day-to-day? Well, I don’t know that for sure. Lately you need to be prepared to hear the same story twice, or asked the same question, again and again. I get a little frustrated. I hate repeating myself, which is why written words are my favorite way to get my point across; but my frustration won’t fix her. I need to find other things for her to do, I need her to interact with me. I’m going to start by telling her rhymes, and asking her to repeat them back to me the very next day. She’s got quite the sense of humor so they will be enjoyable to remember. I won’t ever let her believe she forgets, because our thoughts in our minds, are stronger than we know. We must keep the brain strong, because ultimately the brain says what goes. There is always a solution. Always.