Sometimes I hate that I’m shy. If I wasn’t so shy, I’d sing more karaoke (sober even!), I would play dance revolution (have never, not once ever played dance revolution). I would probably do stand up comedy about my mom (what, she’s funny). If I wasn’t so shy, most people wouldn’t think I’m stuck up when they first meet me. I weird out when I’m trying to introduce myself to someone- get a little alcohol in me and that’s a different story!

Its just I feel like it makes me socially awkward sometimes, and maybe if I wasn’t all jittery and nervous I would be able to approach situations in life differently. I probably then would have less fears. I probably then would have less regrets. I don’t ever just say what I mean to say, I’m so shy that I just choke up. I’m no fun in an arguement- dead silence.

Just sayin sometimes I hate being shy.

ALRIGHT where’s the cure? Give it up. C’mon.