The scene takes place in a cozy office place as JeffJ standing at 6’4″, at 195 lbs practices flashes his “pretend badge” as we plot a mock interrogation on a man who says he fears his life, so KTLA decided to broadcast his exact location, unit number, and first name. AWESOME. Thanks KTLA, Ben said “poor guy he’ll be dead in two days”. The most astonishing part of the report was that they mention how private of a man the deceased was and how no one knew of his living boyfriend- but hey he’s dead now so let’s go ahead and air out all his dirty laundry. There’s little respect for the dead, and even for those who are closely related.


But here’s our game plan to getting to the bottom of this mysterious gruesome killing;

Jeffj (swinging out his wallet flipping it open just like in the movies but unfortunately his library card flies out so he blurts out a quick thought)

“THAT’S MY LIBRARY CARD! I carry it with me everywhere, helps with my investigation. That’s how I found you”

with quick minds like ours, we’ll be able to solve this case without any credentials.  CASE SOLVED.